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Happy New Financial Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017! Your 20s are a time to learn as much as you can about yourself and create some good habits. The decisions you make and opportunities you create now, will define you in the decades to come. No pressure, but you wouldn't be reading this if money...

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The Likeability Factor -#BeBoldForChange

International Womens' Day 2017! I can't believe it's been a whole year, time really does go quicker the older you get! It doesn't really, but the need to fill your days doing something you love becomes more and more important each year. And so does the need to look...

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How I’ve Saved For My First Home Deposit.

Cast your mind back to the start of the year when you made your resolutions for the year. Was saving money on your resolution list? I'ts been on mine for a few years running and it hasn't been easy - I can tell you that part for free. I've just reached my savings goal...

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How Saving Has Helped Me To Quit My Job Twice!

What would you say to your twenty-three-year-old self? Drink less?  Love more?  How about, thank you and well done?  When I look back at myself ten years ago, one of the things that I want to say to that young woman is “Thank you.  You don’t know it now but you are...

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If You Don’t Ask For The Pay Rise, He Will!

We all think about asking for more money, either at work or from our clients but how many of us actually do it? For the sake of this blog, I will assume you’re employed rather than self-employed but I’ll be writing another blog shortly on how to ask for more money...

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Stop Beating Yourself Up…

As young women trying to work out how we're going to 'have it all' but not really wanting to admit that we 'want it all' we can place a lot of pressure on our own shoulders. Sometimes, we just need to kick back and let life run it's course. There are some things that...

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