Our events aim to address the most popular questions around money.

We cover topics such as Savings, Mortgages, investments, Pensions, Debt Management and Mental Wellbeing.


Our events are tailored to young working women.

We cover topics from Savings, Investments, Property and Mortgages, Pensions, Debt

Management and Mental Wellbeing.

“The money girl work shop was refreshing! I’ve been focused on investing my money for about a year now but I’ve never been to a seminar or workshop as honest and engaging as this one.”

Launch Event

The Launch Event! We’re excited to kick off our series of events with a very special evening dedicated to young women and some of the popular Personal Financeissues we face on a regular basis.

Real Women, Real Experiences

We’ve brought together a kick-ass panel of women who will be sharing their real-life experiences with money from the highs to the lows. Not one to be missed!

Let’s Talk Property

Are you saving to buy a property but unsure about the market, where to buy, what makes a good investment and the general process? We’ve pulled together some of our favourite female property gurus and recent home buyers to give you more of an insight into purchasing a property.


MoneyGirl is changing the perception of Personal Finance for young women, regardless of their background. If you'd like to support this Social Enterprise journey, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!

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